Monthly Archives: January 2018

Want to design a new product a formulation that is aligned with your brand? Looking to create an innovative cosmetic formula that reflects your brand’s philosophy and marketing? New Laboratories has a skilled team of experts that can assist you to reach your goals.

There are advantages to custom formulations. The number reason is that it could give you’re an edge in sales, with textures, active ingredients, colours that can deliver brand presence. The other key advantage is that is provides you with the IP, your intellectual property that you own, which if you sell your brand in the future, this can add value to your sale.

However above all we recommend looking at the costs vs the rewards to see what best suits you.

At New Laboratories we understand both sides the issue, and are happy to provide our opinion. If custom is not right for you, you have the confidence that our existing high quality formulations can be modified to suit your needs, and deliver the quality you expect.

To learn more about how we can assist you in creating value for your brand, email or call to confidentially discuss your project.