2019 Trends in Skin Care, Hair Care, Makeup

Predicting the next cosmetic trend can be a question of whether to innovate or follow as much as looking at what the industry predicts will be the hot product for 2019.

The obvious winner is sustainability, but that alone is not a product innovation road to travel alone. There are streams to assess from the rise of the indies, to customisation, not to mention the increasing value of focusing on real product development releases for men.

Lets compound this issue with regionalising your brand’s strategy to best meet the markets needs. Its fairly obvious that what works in China wont have the same impact in North America, Australia or Europe. So what’s the solution to rapidly roll out a 2019 product release plan?

New Laboratories has flexible product development platforms to help brands target their needs, and to regionalise their roll out with cost effective formulation and production systems. New Laboratories works closely with our client’s development teams to ensure their brand’s identity is the centre of the process while addressing emerging trends or creating the next product to beat the market. Our approach is to act as an extension of our client’s product development team, providing an impartial, fresh and manufacturing insight.

Our research, formulation and manufacturing capabilities can deliver alternative solutions that could be the answer to your 2019 product of the year. And we can propose directions to take, and use our unique skill sets to cross pollinate hair, skin and makeup products to create innovative products that lead the market.

Looking for ideas of how to make your 2019 product launches a success? Contact us today to discuss your needs.