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Cosmetic News | Finding the Right Fit With Your Cosmetic Manufacturer

Finding the right fit with your cosmetic contract manufacturer should be more than just about the price or promise. Strategic, operational and financial elements should be critical concerns before you take step in committing to a cosmetic manufacturer. Consider it a little like marriage.

Strategic Fit

Does the contractor share your strategy and long term vision? While outsourcing allows you to focus on your business, sales and market development, a contractor who doesn’t have the ability to meet your volume demands now and as you grow and expand, can send your business backwards quickly. Critical issues to evaluate when looking at the right ‘fit’ is lead times for production, capabilities, their flexibility when your demand ramps up, and how they see you as part of their business.

Operational Fit

Does your manufacturer have the operational capabilities to develop and produce your products? There is no one size fits all clients model. If you have a tinted product, does the contractor have colour matching skills and colour cosmetic manufacturing facilities to ensure firstly quality and then consistent colour matching batch to batch. When your production is delayed due to poor planning by the manufacturer, and you have no stock to supply your retailers, the operation fit will be a key element to reflect upon. A good manufacturer will pass on projects where they don’t have the skills,  ability to deliver or manufacturing equipment to meet your project standards, timelines and quality.

Financial Fit

Production and development costs are an important factor consider, but not the only factor. Are you benchmarking the same quality, delivery times and outcomes from one quotation to the next? Think strategic and operational issues. When you have poor quality or consumer complaints/returns, small difference in quotations will pale into insignificance. Is the ‘made in’ element an important aspect of your marketing? Costs will vary based on the complexity, quality outcomes demanded and country where the product is produced. Understanding your financial model is critical to your brand’s success.

Measure Us for Size | Do We Fit?

New Laboratories doesnt have a one solution fits all approach. We look at your requirements with a 360 view to your current needs and the future of the relationship. New Laboratories research, formulation and manufacturing capabilities maybe the right fit for your brand.  Contact us today to discuss your needs.

Consistency is the Key to Product Development

Creating real value in product development requires fundamental building blocks to ensure the outcome for the brand is a success. “Manage, leverage, and protect your brand” should be a single focus in development to ensure a resilient brand, and “just like good parenting, good branding management [and product development] can be summed up in a single word — consistency. []. For mature brands, this focus in development is vital when you realign your products to keep them relevant to their market and changing demographics.

“Think about how you can add value in a way that makes customers more reliant on-;and more loyal to-;your business brand……It’s about how you engage your people and your stakeholders so they feel in their minds that you are different.”[]

Practical Market Driven Solutions

New Laboratories takes a practical market driven approach to creating value in product development, with a focus on the brand’s consumer profile, market trends, and philosophy to ensure consistency. Our use of flexible product development platforms to help brands target their needs without straying into market positions that are foreign to their focus and direction is a building block we employ. New Laboratories works closely with our client’s development teams to ensure their brand’s identity is not compromised in the process, and we address emerging trends and their application to the brand to reinforce consistency and value.

Our research, formulation and manufacturing capabilities can deliver alternative solutions that could be the answer to your 2019 product of the year. And we can propose directions to take, and use our unique skill sets to cross pollinate hair, skin and makeup products to create innovative products that lead the market.

Looking for ideas of how to make your 2019 product launches a success? Contact us today to discuss your needs.

Our prediction for the future of the cosmetic sector is a more personalised approach to consumer needs, with a targeted approach to skin, body, hair and makeup regimes, that have clear claims and demonstrable results.

“Expect to see claims wording including terms such as luminous, brightening, dewy, glowing and, influenced by the K-beauty, “glass skin” transparency.” []

How to Differentiate Your Brand 

With the rapid emergence of Instagram brands that have taken a focused approach to their followers needs, now is the time for emerging an established brands to look at their future innovation programs through a new lens.

“One of the key ways for brands to differentiate themselves in the crowded skin care market is through the use of innovative claims. Cosmetic product claims are incredibly motivating to consumers when browsing and comparing products and can drive higher value purchases. Here are five predictions for what the claims of the future may look like.” []

At New Laboratories we have been implementing focused product development programs for our clients focused on claims validation, holistic ranges to focus on specific consumer needs, and the creation of concentrate products that show dramatic results.

A Manufacturing Partner with Capabilities

At New Laboratories we work with our clients to develop unique approaches to product development. We take advantage of opportunities and future directions, and collaborate with our client’s brands to create experiences, formulas, textures, and themes that deliver clear results. For more information email New Laboratories at

Need to know more? Contact us today to discuss your needs

New Laboratories Australia has recently increased its range of clean cosmetic products, along with aligning formulations for vegan use, to create a makeup collection comprising clean, green, vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics. The new natural movement towards clean beauty embraces makeup, skin care, hair care and baby care, and is more than a trend, signaling the future direction of the cosmetic manufacturing industry.

The range includes pressed eye, blush and compact powders, loose powders, lip glosses, liquid foundations, mascara, BB cremes, primer and concealers. The range includes a high percentage of natural ingredients up to 100%, from vegetable and mineral origin.

Keeping in line with the clean beauty trend, products are formulated without SLS, SLES, parabens, phenoxyethanol, silicones and synthetic fragrances.

“While natural beauty is a well-established category, in 2018, it undoubtedly ratcheted up a notch in the popularity stakes. Indeed, the popular clean beauty movement is said to have been behind a 27 percent sales increase in skin care alone this year, according to a report published by USA Today.” []

New Laboratories’ innovations are driven by the consumers desire for transparency, and the need for our brand clients to meet the markets demands. Combined with our Fast Beauty to market program, New Laboratories can put your brand in the clean cosmetic space rapidly without compromising your integrity and quality demands.

A Manufacturing Partner with Capabilities

At New Laboratories we understand what clean cosmetics is all about. We work with our clients the take advantage of opportunities and future directions with clean beauty, to assist in keeping your brand relevant and fresh. Our development, experience and product capabilities offers you multiple choices in formulas, textures, shades, and packaging. For more information email New Laboratories at

Need to know more? Contact us today to discuss your needs