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When a disruptive market challenges your accepted relationships, the momentum of change requires you to reset and focus on your future direction or risk meeting the consumer demands for fast beauty innovation.

“The concept is about more than speed — it marries fast beauty with masstige, and aims to quickly bring quality, affordable, on-trend products to market. ……. E.l.f. Cosmetics launched with a similar thesis in 2004 — and there are also ColourPop and Winky Lux, both of which excel in speed to market.”[ ]

A Challenge to the Status Quo

The news is that the shift to fast beauty challenges organisations to shift their focus from internal to external product development. Working closely with manufacturers with the specific skill sets to execute both rapid product development and manufacturing is vital to ensure product quality isn’t compromised.

The fast beauty process has taken off with ‘aware and dynamic’ manufacturer’s having advanced development projects in play awaiting for them to be commercialized by brands who have the volume to take it to market. It can be often the case of a brand seeking out a concept and saying ” We’ll take that.”

A Manufacturing Partner with Capabilities

At New Laboratories we understand what fast beauty is all about. We work with our clients to show rapid opportunities and future directions to assist in keeping your brand relevant and fresh. Our development, experience and product capabilities offers you multiple choices in formulas, textures, shades, and packaging. For more information email New Laboratories at

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“Cosmetic and personal care carrying vegan claims are definitely on trend these days, highlighted by a daily deluge of new product launches carrying animal-friendly labels, worldwide.”[Source:]

The Vegan Category Explodes

There has been a deluge of vegan claims, almost a race by brands to get in on the latest trend in this cosmetic category, often with little reference to product quality or even a thorough vetting of the vegan claims. However getting it right is more than a label claim and formulating without beeswax.

At New Laboratories, our team can confidently assist clients seeking a true vegan claim by accessing the detailed knowledge we have of each ingredient to ensure that every aspect of a product claim has been confirmed as being free of any animal by-products, including egg. New laboratories ensures that our supply chain verification skills place your vegan inspired product and claims in the right position to succeed.

Meet Market Needs

Our approach is to not only verify the vegan claim, but to create a product that meets the market needs, from performance, scent, active ingredient claims and textures. Too often we are working with brands to fix common problems in these areas, and this is often associated with formulations being ‘overly natural’ and sacrificing the consumer demand for quality.

New Laboratories also has unique capabilities in formulating, research and manufacturing vegan colour cosmetics, offering our clients a vegan makeup range that provides both colour and performance.

Our Approach

At New Laboratories, we have over a decade experience from formulation, production and brand development. We understand supply chain verification, the requirements from preservatives to colourants, to create wearable and performance inspired vegan products. With the increasing demand for natural, safe, vegan and organic formulas, we are your expert partner at every step of the process from formulation through to production.

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“The premise is simple: Sample-sized beauty and personal care products are value-added ways to impress consumers with your brands. For starters, it introduces new products to potential new consumers, boosting brand visibility. When consumers get to experience a trial-sized amount of product, a bond is instantly forged, acquainting the consumer with the brand and increasing their inclination to purchase a full-sized iteration of the product.” []

Dedicated Cosmetic Sampling Program

New Laboratories has a dedicated program for our clients to create sampling size products to assist them in driving sales and building consumer engagement. Sampling has been a mainstay of the cosmetic industry for decades, but is not commonly offered by contract manufacturers for their clients either due to machinery limitations to produce small fills, or the simple cost of producing. This has seen the large international brands take over the sampling space, reducing the competitive aspect of this important marketing and sales process.

What makes New Laboratoires different is that we have equipped our Melbourne based manufacturing facilities with equipment to manage small dosing, and designed our production programs to allow our clients to include sampling as a standard option in the production orders for skin care, hair care, makeup and specialty cosmetic lines. We can create mini samples for hot fill products such as lipsticks, cream foundations and concealers, provide mini size powders, and impressive sampling for hair care, skin care and specialty liquids and lotions.

Increase the Odds of Success

“Sampling does a great job of increasing the odds of developing brand loyalty, especially among Millennials for whom cost can be a barrier to purchase. “Millennials tend to be brand-agnostic and want to experience multiple brands and products before making a full-size product commitment.” []

Our Approach

New Laboratories works with you to create value in your investment through our formulation, manufacturing and packaging skills. Our team has years of experience in both formulation, brand creation, and cosmetic manufacturing processes that can be invaluable to your brand’s future value and asset protection. For more information email New Laboartories at

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Its often overlooked by brands that the essence of their customer experience and success [or failure] can be traced back to the clarity of the brief handed to the formulator, and the quality and unique elements that emerged from the development phase. What can drive the consumer experience and sales growth is often the custom cosmetic formulations that align with your brand, and the depth of collaboration between the formulator and client.

Innovative Cosmetic Formulations

Innovative cosmetic formulations reflect your brand’s philosophy and marketing, and engaging with the experienced team at New Laboratories can assist you to reach your goals and build sales growth. There are advantages to custom formulations. Textures, active ingredients, scent and colour can deliver your brand’s presence, and these are all custom formulation elements that are critical to a products success. The other key advantage is that custom cosmetic formulas provide you with the IP, your intellectual property that you own, which if you sell your brand in the future can add value to your sale.

Whats My ROI

Ultimately its all about ROI, and how you perceive value from the development process.

At New Laboratories we understand both sides the issue, and are happy to provide our professional opinion. If custom is not right for you, you have the confidence that our existing high quality formulations can be modified to suit your needs, and deliver the quality.

To learn more about how we can assist you in creating value for your brand, email or call to confidentially discuss your project. Email or contact us

New Laboratories has one of the most extensive colour cosmetic – makeup manufacturing and formulating facilities in Australia, with volume capacity of 4000+ units per hour across our production areas. Our team has extensive colour formulation and production experience, and we take a collaborative approach to ensure our client’s briefs are achieved on time.

A Compelling Growth Story

With compelling future growth in the colour category, with “(global) sales of colour cosmetics ….expected to reach US$ 48.3 billion in 2018, up 6% from US$ 45.5 billion in 2017, according to new research from Mintel. The US (US$ 12.1 billion), Japan (US$ 6.4 billion), China (US$ 5.1 billion), the UK (US$ 2.7 billion) and South Korea (US$ 2.2 billion) are forecast to be the top five colour cosmetics markets in 2018.” (

Whether its tinted moisturizers where continuity in colour matching from batch to batch is needed, or a full service line of makeup is demanded from production through to final packaging, New Laboratories has the solution.

Colourful Solutions

New Laboratories doesnt have a one solution fits all approach. We look at your requirements with a 360 view to your current needs and the future of the relationship. New Laboratories research, formulation and manufacturing capabilities can be the solution to your colour cosmetics project.  Contact us today to discuss your needs.