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“Anti-pollution is not just for skin care, anymore…. [the trend is to look at all] components to protect hair from environmental concerns.” []

There are hundreds of manufacturers who can produce a shampoo, conditioner or hair care treatment product at a price to suit the client. So what really makes the difference to the consumer, the real end customer? There is a need to look beyond the claim and delve into the concepts of healthy hair and scalp, and active ingredients that promote a detox of the hair and address itchy scalps, circulation and product build up. Depending on your market, this can also include humidity and pollution issues.

At New Laboratories we understand that there is a balance between the texture and feel of shampoos and conditioners and their actual effectiveness of the product to help the brand stand out, and within a budget.  We take an innovative consumer research driven approach to hair care, and have developed platforms for our clients to introduce new and market driven hair care products.

The team at New Laboratories works closely with our client’s product development teams to ensure their brand’s identity is the focus of the process.

Our Approach

At New Laboratories, we have over a decade experience from formulation, production and brand development. We understand supply chain verification, the requirements from preservatives to actives for shampoos and conditioners, to create consumer inspired hair care products. With the increasing demand for natural, safe and effective hair care, shampoo and conditioner formulas, we are your expert partner at every step of the process from formulation through to production.

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How do you protect your brand’s investment when working with a contract cosmetic manufacturer and formulator? Short cutting the process in your foundation stages of building your brand can come back to haunt you as your brands grows.

With brands sold at huge valuations, its simply about clients taking control of their formulation intellectual property to add value to their brand and to take control of the key asset that ultimately drives your sales and engages with the consumer. Great marketing is half of the equation, but great and unique formulations is the ultimate driver of sales and client retention. This is the fundamental issue that raises the question of whether you invest in your own formulations that have been developed to be both manufacturing ready and within the brands budget.

Not every product needs that intellectual property protection, but when its time to move manufacturers the detail in that formulation and method of manufacturing makes the transition much easier, and gives power and ownership to the brand to ensure the continuity in the quality of their much loved products. And what is the real cost for not taking that step to protect your investment? The day you decide to sell and you have no formulation IP to value your brand may lead to a significant financial impact. This could have been resolved with an original formulation that creates value for the future and places you in control of your brands future.

Our Approach

New Laboratories works with you to create value in your investment through our formulation skills, and our team has years of experience in both formulation, brand creation, and manufacturing processes that can be invaluable to your brand’s future value and asset protection. For more information email New Laboratories at

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“Consumers are increasingly looking to balance their use of products with an environmental conscience, and we’re seeing this demand met by a new wave of products being promoted as ‘waterless’.” [].

The Harvard Business Review noted the “fact that a sizable number of consumers prefer eco-friendly offerings” [], provides a driver for brands to redesign or develop new ones that are sustainable as an innovation priority.  The value of waterless in boosting your sustainable credentials, is to let consumers know that your brand understands that water is a precious resource and your brand has innovated with this in mind.

New Laboratories has a broad range of formulation development and production capabilities from creating and manufacturing waterless and sustainable cosmetics. From beauty bars that melt at the skin’s temperature to moisturise or deliver a desired effect, through to water free hair care and colour cosmetics lines. Our range of specialty production equipment and knowledge can innovate and morph your product line rapidly, with the added sustainable, environmental and marketing claims of being water free.

Water is a precious resource, and “creating a water-free product can also mean addressing another environmental issue that’s just as important as water conservation: plastics and excess packaging, like pump dispensers.”[].

Our Approach

At New Laboratories we work with our clients to innovate their product lines to reflect their brand’s philosophy and take their formulas and quality to the next level. To create your waterless line of cosmetics, hair or makeup email

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