Cosmetic Manufacturing Capabilities

Cosmetic Manufacturing Capabilities

We are an integrated cosmetic manufacturing company, from single products through to full service full capabilities.



New Laboratories develops and manufactures a wide range of cosmetic products including skin care, hair care, makeup, hand sanitisers, baby care and specialty niche products to meet the market demands of the salon sector.

We have in excess of 300 formulations, plus your choice of custom R&D to create unique products that can result is exclusive IP [Intellectual Property] for your brand.

In addition to following globally recognised GMP standards we adhere to our  internal high quality standards, raw material sourcing, and record keeping to ensure both traceability and consistency in batches. Read our FAQ’s for more information 

Body Care, Tanning, Deodorants

New Laboratories has established a comprehensive R&D program focused on effective body care, tanning and deodorants. Using both common and novel approaches, New Laboratories chemists support the commercialisation of formulation concepts and the in house manufacturing for customers.

From research & development to manufacturing, our team has a focused on commercial and quality performance body care, tanning and deodorant products for our clients

Skin Care

Moisturisers, Cleansers, Toners, Mists, Masks, Eye Creams, Serums, Makeup Removers, Specialty Creams, Hot Fill Products

From specialty low volume to high volume mass, we deliver quality skin care that your customers will love. Our formulas cover all main skin types including Anti-Age, Sensitive, Dry/Dehydrated, Oily/Problem & Whitening.


Lipsticks, Lip Gloss, Foundations, Eye Shadows, Blush, Compact Powders, Loose Powders, Concealers, BB Creams, Primers, Makeup Removers & hot fill lines

Your imagination is the only restriction with our colour manufacturing

Baby Care

Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, Nappy Creams, Body Lotions, Creams, Oils

Baby Care requires care and attention in formulations and production to ensure the products are safe and meet the requirements of different markets

Hair Care

Shampoo, Conditioner, Serums, Oils, Masks, Styling, Peptides, Bonding Systems, Hot Fill products

Our Hair Care capabilities range from specialty formulas through to mass lines. We have an extensive library of actives with test data to validate your claims
With over a decade experience in the natural and organic fields, we have manufacturing knowledge to meet the needs local and international markets. Certified by COSMOS for the Contract manufacturing of cosmetics, we can assist from formulating through to manufacturing your COSMOS approved natural or organic products.

Specialty & Cosmeceuticals

Cosmeceuticals, Salon Specialty, Active Ingredients, Custom Lines

We support your brand with test data from our actives to provide marketing and sales information that support your claims