Cosmetic News | Future Predictions for Cosmetics

Our prediction for the future of the cosmetic sector is a more personalised approach to consumer needs, with a targeted approach to skin, body, hair and makeup regimes, that have clear claims and demonstrable results.

“Expect to see claims wording including terms such as luminous, brightening, dewy, glowing and, influenced by the K-beauty, “glass skin” transparency.” []

How to Differentiate Your Brand 

With the rapid emergence of Instagram brands that have taken a focused approach to their followers needs, now is the time for emerging an established brands to look at their future innovation programs through a new lens.

“One of the key ways for brands to differentiate themselves in the crowded skin care market is through the use of innovative claims. Cosmetic product claims are incredibly motivating to consumers when browsing and comparing products and can drive higher value purchases. Here are five predictions for what the claims of the future may look like.” []

At New Laboratories we have been implementing focused product development programs for our clients focused on claims validation, holistic ranges to focus on specific consumer needs, and the creation of concentrate products that show dramatic results.

A Manufacturing Partner with Capabilities

At New Laboratories we work with our clients to develop unique approaches to product development. We take advantage of opportunities and future directions, and collaborate with our client’s brands to create experiences, formulas, textures, and themes that deliver clear results. For more information email New Laboratories at

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