Cosmetic News | Invest in Formulations for Growth

Its often overlooked by brands that the essence of their customer experience and success [or failure] can be traced back to the clarity of the brief handed to the formulator, and the quality and unique elements that emerged from the development phase. What can drive the consumer experience and sales growth is often the custom cosmetic formulations that align with your brand, and the depth of collaboration between the formulator and client.

Innovative Cosmetic Formulations

Innovative cosmetic formulations reflect your brand’s philosophy and marketing, and engaging with the experienced team at New Laboratories can assist you to reach your goals and build sales growth. There are advantages to custom formulations. Textures, active ingredients, scent and colour can deliver your brand’s presence, and these are all custom formulation elements that are critical to a products success. The other key advantage is that custom cosmetic formulas provide you with the IP, your intellectual property that you own, which if you sell your brand in the future can add value to your sale.

Whats My ROI

Ultimately its all about ROI, and how you perceive value from the development process.

At New Laboratories we understand both sides the issue, and are happy to provide our professional opinion. If custom is not right for you, you have the confidence that our existing high quality formulations can be modified to suit your needs, and deliver the quality.

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