Waterless Cosmetics to Meet Consumer Demands

“Consumers are increasingly looking to balance their use of products with an environmental conscience, and we’re seeing this demand met by a new wave of products being promoted as ‘waterless’.” [https://www.cosmeticsdesign.com/Article/2016/06/10/Meeting-consumer-demands-for-waterless-products].

New Laboratories has a broad range of development and production capabilities from creating and manufacturing beauty bars that melt at the skin’s temperature to moisturising or deliver the desired effect, through to water free hair care and colour cosmetics lines. Our range of specialty production equipment and knowledge can innovate and morph your product line rapidly, with the added sustainable, environmental and marketing claims of being water free.

Water is a precious resource, and “creating a water-free product can also mean addressing another environmental issue that’s just as important as water conservation: plastics and excess packaging, like pump dispensers.” [https://fashionmagazine.com/beauty/waterless-beauty-products/].

At New Laboratories we work with our clients to innovate their product lines to reflect their brand’s philosophy and take their formulas and quality to the next level. To create your waterless line of cosmetics, hair or makeup, email info@newlabs.com.au

Our Approach

New Laboratories works with you to create value in your investment through our formulation, manufacturing and packaging skills. Our team has years of experience in both formulation, brand creation, and cosmetic manufacturing processes that can be invaluable to your brand’s future value and asset protection. For more information email New Laboartories at info@newlabs.com.au

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