FAQ’s | Getting Started in Cosmetics

FAQ’s | Getting Started in Cosmetics

FAQ's.... Lets Get Started

Getting started in Cosmetics can be made simple and logical with the right support and team behind you. Whether its a line extension to your existing brand, or a new indie cosmetic brand launch, New Laboratories has the formulation, manufacturing and industry experience to support you every step of the way.

Our services and capabilities covers formula development and manufacturing of skin care, makeup, hair care, baby care, and specialty personal care products. Further we provide formulation services to perfect your product line, colour matching for makeup lines, stability testing, packaging advice and suggestions on how to best structure your product line.

Formulations are the details of ingredients, percentages used, the method they are applied in the batch making process and which should extend to a detailed listing of the manufacturing processes. It forms the basis for your cosmetic formulation.

When you contract New Laboratories on a fee for service basis to create your formulation[s], you own the intellectual property. The formulations form the basis for your brand and are your property. This could be one of the most valuable investments for your brand, and should not be undertaken without a thorough brief.

When you dont pay for the formulation on a fee for service basis, if an existing formulation suits your brand’s needs, that formulation is owned by New Laboratories.

In limited cases New Laboratories may undertake formulation development on its own with the agreed understanding that the client will be ordering substantial production volumes, or has pre-committed to annual production volumes. In such cases that formulation is owned by New Laboratories.

The cost for each new project is unique and cant be estimated with any accuracy without all information. Our product brief form should be completed so we understand all the variables from ingredients, product profile, packaging types, production volumes and any special requirements you may have.

New Laboratories can assist with packaging if required or we can provide you suggested suppliers. Packaging should be checked by us to ensure it works with our machines. The quality of the packaging and labels is an essential element of your brand and we recommend consulting New Laboratories before ordering.

At New Laboratories the minimum production run is reflected in the type of product, the materials being used, and ultimately the price. We can start at low volumes commencing in the 1000’s depending on the proposed product type, and work with your brand as you grow, with pricing that scales with your business plan

We can assist with cosmetic level secondary SPF’s up to SPF 15. We are not a TGA facility, and do not produce therapeutic goods or primary sunscreens.

The reality is not every cosmetic manufacturer has the same capabilities and skills, and this if often reflected in the quality of the formulation, delays in delivering your orders and formulations, finishing of your product, and the selection of ingredients. New Laboratories is ISO 22716 GMP and COSMOS Certified, and has specialty skills and systems that work with your brand to ensure quality on time outcomes

To provide a more accurate report on your product/ formula, we recommend preservative testing, stability testing, claims testing, and other specialty testing processes that may be applicable. As most tests are performed by external analytical laboratories, all testing incurs a service fee.

On average we complete formulations within 8-14 weeks depending on the complexity of the project. Once we have reviewed your brief we can provide more specific guidance.

On average most production is completed within 6-8 weeks from receipt of all packaging and raw materials

If the formula is stable and tested, we can fast track your production to meet product launch time frames. We understand and have systems to meet seasonal demands, colour changes, and have rapid development systems to meet the changing face of beauty.

Our clients have choices, and expect their production on time to the quality standards of their brand. We are ISO 22716 GMP Certified for Personal Care Manufacturing and Product Development. Our clients are national and internationally distributed brands, overseas clients, small to medium businesses and indie startups. We understand our clients needs through clear communication, listening to their needs, and translate their product briefs into reality using established methods and systems. At New Laboratories we don’t promise if we cant deliver, and wont take on projects if we cant deliver on time with quality outcomes.

Email info@newlabs.com.au with your name, phone, company details, and project outline. You can download a product brief from the contact page. We will then contact you to arrange a time to initially talk, and then meet to start the process.