Adore Beauty Uncensored Podcast

2021 was a landmark year for the beauty industry with so many changes and pivoting as Covid dropped challenges at every turn, whilst consumers demanded the next hero product. Looking back over the decades, the industry has endured so many changes, and it was great to reflect with Adore Beauty on the journey that has made New Laboratories the go to cosmetic manufacturer and formulating company in Australia. In December Adore Beauty’s Beauty IQ Podcast dropped into New Laboratories to chat with our CEO Rohan Widdison about his entry into the industry in the 1980’s and where cosmetic formulations are heading in 2022 onwards.

Rohan Widdison is the CEO of New Laboratories and has 34 years of experience in cosmetics manufacturing, formulation & distribution. Today he joins Beauty IQ Uncensored to tell us all the things we didn’t know about what goes on behind the scenes in the creation and distribution of our favourite beauty products.

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