Beauty News | Customized Beauty Solutions

“A 2018 report by Beauty Monitor and Celebrity Intelligence noted that 86% of brand marketers believe customized beauty solutions will be important to the success of their business in five years’ time.” []

However when it comes to personalisation of products and beauty regimes, how personal can you get and whats the driver? Drivers are coming mainly from “the rising influence of Gen Z, because Gen Zers seek to be unique and want to be catered to as individuals [,and] the call for greater diversity in beauty, which of course benefits cosmetics that cater to a wide range of skin needs and skin tones.” []. Personalisation can come from access to specialists whether in store or online with brands such as Pure & Mine providing a good example of how to execute the strategy.

The other strategy calls for brands to harness technology and develop bespoke systems to deliver real product personalisation, which can be achieved with some well thought through processes and engineering. Creating dozens if not hundreds of variations of a single cosmetic product can be achieved with intelligent formulation, manufacturing and delivery systems, such as Function of Beauty and Prose.

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