Beauty News | The Rise of Technology in Cosmetics

“When L’Oreal said last year it no longer wanted to be the number one beauty firm in the world, but “the number one beauty tech company”, it was clear things in the industry had changed.” []

Technology can deliver personalisation in ways that the traditional cosmetic counter cannot, and with consumers demanding more custom and specific results, the drive for technology solutions is the next logical step. From custom makeup solutions with infinite possibilities a traditional retail model cant address, through to exact skin care matches delivered with pin point accuracy,  the case to blend technology and beauty has become both relevant and accessible.

“According to market research firm Mintel, demand for personalised cosmetics is growing fast. Nearly half of consumers like the idea that a beauty product is personalised especially for them, and a third think such products give better results.” []

Unique and market driven new product development will be essential to how a brand executes their technology driven solutions. Formulation R&D will require clear synergies with the brand’s technology adding an essential layer to the success in migrating to a successful beauty tech company.

Our Approach

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