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According to Ecovia Intelligence, in 2019 there will be an acceleration in natural and organic cosmetic launches globally, and in particular the Asia-Pacific region. Ethical, clean, organic and sustainable brands will lead the way.

However as consumer become more savvy, especially millennials who “are already some of the most avid buyers of natural & organic products; they will wield greater influence as their spending power continues to rise” []. This will necessitate the need to show your credentials to become more relevant to your markets. Backing up claims in your product development should ensure you are ahead of the competition, however ingredient claims without performance, stability and evidence could ring a hollow message.

New Laboratories is a COSMOS certified cosmetic contract manufacturer [ACO COSMOS Certificate #12963], and can assist you with both formulation development and manufacturing. With over 10 years experience in organic and natural cosmetic product development and manufacturing, we have unique capabilities including natural and organic makeup, skin care, hair care, body care and baby care. Uniquely our team has development skills in certified organic and natural makeup and the use of pigments in skin and body care.

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