The right contract manufacturer to engineer a brand that ‘ticks all the boxes

Working with the right contract manufacturer to engineer a brand that ‘ticks all the boxes’ that consumers want can make or break your brand.

When you work with the right contract manufacturer, you can engineer a brand that ticks all the boxes that your customers want. The reality is however, that not every cosmetic manufacturer has the same capabilities and skills, and this is often reflected in the quality of the formulation, delays in delivering orders and formulations, finishing off your product, and the selection of ingredients. 

A valuable quality contract manufacturing partner will have a long history in your industry and be able to share the hacks that add value to your brand and drive innovation. They should also understand who your end customer is, and work with you collaboratively to drive value into your product, and to tick off the boxes that consumers love: quality and value.

When it comes to quality and value, nine times out of 10, the cheapest contract manufacturer won’t be the best – they’re cheap for a reason! Quality products and services and achieving brand loyalty with customers are two factors of business success. And you cannot achieve either of these if your main focus is on landing the cheapest price for a product you are either going to on-sell to customers or use in the manufacturing of a product to sell to your customers. 

“How cheap can you do it?” is a question we get asked by a lot of new businesses and we believe these entrepreneurs are not thinking about the long-term success of their business. Cheap does not equal quality and it definitely does not equal success. 

Along with quality products and achieving branding loyalty, the success of your business can come down to the relationship with your contract manufacturer. In trying to produce quality products, which in time lead to brand loyalty, your contract manufacturer will be the one that will help you solve problems and come up with solutions.  

Working with the right contract manufacturer to engineer a brand that produces value and quality products will have the following benefits for your business:

  • Access to industry experts – at New Laboratories, we have over 50 years combined experience in the cosmetic and R&D sectors. 
  • Lower overhead costs – by working with a contract manufacturer, you will save money. You won’t need to purchase expensive machinery, you will need a smaller premises, you won’t need to hire and train staff and you’ll save on insurance. 
  • Consistent, quality controlled products – as a contract manufacturer, we are required to follow strict manufacturing and testing control processes to meet regulatory and industry requirements. New Laboratories has a 100% quality focus that drives our customer experience, from raw materials through to batch and component quality. 
  • Improved production efficiency – the right contract manufacturer works with you to develop and produce your product as efficiently as possible. Because manufacturing is what we do day in day out, we know how to perform tasks as lean as possible without compromising quality, and have invested in automation, technology and innovation. 
  • Brand engineering expertise – Creating a successful beauty brand has critical moving parts that need to synchronise to bring life to your ideas and vision. The right contract manufacturer will drive creative product development that builds value, captures your ethos and manufactures your brand that consumers love.

The New Laboratories team understands what creating a beauty brand is all about. Our senior management have over 50 years combined experience in the beauty sector both locally and internationally, working with global retail giants of the likes of ULTA USA, Sephora divisions in the USA, Singapore and Hong Kong, John Lewis and SuperDrug, UK, and Mecca Australia.

When it comes to selecting your contract manufacturer to engineer your brand, be strategic. Think long term, take your time choosing, look at different options, gain a good understanding of their capabilities, check their experience levels, evaluate their key staff’s competencies and compare cost savings. Most importantly though, align yourself with a manufacturer that shares the same values, who takes care and has respect for their own brand, and who demands the same standards of excellence and quality that you expect.

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