Vegan Beauty – The Ethical Cosmetics Shopper

“Cosmetic and personal care carrying vegan claims are definitely on trend these days, highlighted by a daily deluge of new product launches carrying animal-friendly labels, worldwide.”


There has been a deluge of vegan claims, almost a race by brands to get in on the latest trend in this cosmetic category, often with little reference to product quality or even a thorough vetting of the vegan claims. However getting it right is more than a label claim and formulating without beeswax.

At New Laboratories, our team can confidently assist clients seeking a true vegan claim by accessing the detailed knowledge we have of each ingredient to ensure that every aspect of a product claim has been confirmed as being free of any animal by-products, including egg. New laboratories ensures that our supply chain verification skills place your vegan inspired product and claims in the right position to succeed.

Our approach is to not only verify the vegan claim, but to create a product that meets the market needs, from performance, scent, active ingredient claims and textures. Too often we are working with bands to fix common problems in these areas, and this is most commonly associated with formulations being ‘overly natural’ and sacrificing the consumer demand for quality.

New Laboratories also has unique capabilities in formulating, research and manufacturing vegan colour cosmetics, offering our clients a vegan makeup range that provides both colour and performance.

Our Approach

At New Laboratories, we have over a decade experience from formulation, production and brand development. We understand supply chain verification, the requirements from preservatives to colourants, to create wearable and performance inspired vegan products. With the increasing demand for natural, safe, vegan and organic formulas, we are your expert partner at every step of the process from formulation through to production.

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