We Create Brands

New Laboratories drives innovative product development that creates value, captures your brand’s ethos, and manufactures HERO products that consumers LOVE.

More than just a manufacturer, New Laboratories can provide startup, emerging and established cosmetic brands to help them conceptualise who they are, create brand stories, through being their back of house NPD team.

The New Laboratories team understands what creating a beauty brand is all about. Our senior management have over 30 years experience in the beauty sector locally and internationally, working with global retail giants of the likes of ULTA USA, Sephora divisions in the USA, Singapore and Hong Kong, John Lewis and SuperDrug, UK, and Mecca Australia.

Creating a successful beauty brand has critical moving parts that need to synchronize to bring life to your ideas and vision. If you have the time, experience, understanding of the key drivers and a 360°outlook on your brand, then you are ready to launch with a successful strategy.

To learn more about our brand accelerator program email info@newlabs.com.au