Which Scent Is Perfect For You? Here’s How To Tell Which To Choose

Marie Claire Magazine stopped by New Laboratories recently to dive into the latest 2023 fragrance trends with our CEO Rohan Widdison, and to get the inside of the latest developments in critical element in personal care manufacturing.

In the world of fragrance there’s a renewed optimism in the air.

“[This year] marks a change in direction,” says Rohan Widdison, CEO of cosmetic manufacturing firm New Laboratories, which works with many well-known beauty brands. 

“People are looking for a fresh start. We know that scent has the power to uplift our moods and create a positive frame of mind, so the summer and spring fresh theme is a big vibe shift.”

Clayton Ilolahia, who works at the Fragrances of the World database says, “Scent is closely connected to memory, so fragrances can remind us of special moments, holidays and locations.” Here, we look at 2023’s big trends and the fragrances to put on high rotation.

Finding Your Match

“Fragrance is a personal experience; they’re connected to memory and emotions. To find your signature, wear one for the day: think about how it makes you feel and blends into your body’s natural scent.” —Rohan Widdison, New Laboratories

Sultry Amber

Warm and inviting, amber scents are fit for any occasion where you seek a bit of grounding—from the office to lunch on the weekend. “Tonka bean and tobacco are trending notes,” says Clayton Ilolahia, of Fragrances of the World.

Feminine Floral

If you’re a die-hard floral fan, change up your signature with the addition of fresh notes. “A fan of white florals might stay close to what they love but look for fresher or crisper interpretations of the theme,” says Ilolahia.

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