Athleisure | A Cosmetic Trend to Chase

“The athleisure trend in the personal care sector is not entirely unprecedented, as waterproof cosmetic
products and non-comedogenic formulations have existed for quite some time within the market.
However, its current momentum is largely being driven by industry players that are displaying meticulous
attention to the specific needs of the active consumer during every aspect of their workout routine.” []

Athleisure has been overlooked as a trend, however active lifestyle orientated products are quickly becoming a mainstream fixture, with this category being left open to niche brands to take ownership. Consider post work out hydrating mists and moisturisers to cater to consumers who associate their skin care needs in the same way as they view drinks that replenish essential electrolytes after exercise.

However the category goes beyond hydration to cover smudge proof makeup to reflect the consumers ease of use needs, and hair care products that make their on the go lifestyle manageable.

Its not just about getting in on a trend, its understanding the consumer and their needs, and creating purposeful products that are custom formulated to target the specific active lifestyle needs.

Our Approach

New Laboratories we have researched the Athleisure cosmetics category and will work with you to create value in your investment through our cosmetic formulation and manufacturing skills. Our team has years of experience in both cosmetic formulation, brand creation, and manufacturing processes that can be invaluable to your brand’s future value and asset protection. For more information email New Laboratories at

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