2019 Cosmetic Industry News | Simplicity in Product Development

Simplicity Drives Product Development

Simplicity in cosmetic product development can be valuable tool to ensure the outcome for a brand is a success. Embracing simplicity can keep the development on budget as well enabling the formulator to zero in on the key elements in the brief. “Manage, leverage, and protect your brand” [https://bit.ly/2PUZjHM] should be a single focus in development to ensure a resilient product, and the single focus can be become clouded when formulators over complicate and over engineer cosmetic formulas.

“Think about how you can add value in a way that makes customers more reliant on-;and more loyal to-;your business brand……It’s about how you engage your people and your stakeholders so they feel in their minds that you are different.”[https://bit.ly/2kVWDuP]. Keeping across new ingredient innovations can be yield useful approaches to drive simplicity in product development, casting new light on old concepts, and delivering value to the brand.

Practical Market Driven Solutions

New Laboratories takes a practical market driven approach to creating value in product development, with a focus on the brand’s consumer profile, market trends, and philosophy to ensure consistency. Our use of flexible product development platforms are aimed to keep the process as simple and effective as possible to help brands target their needs without straying into market positions that are foreign to their focus and direction is a building block we employ. New Laboratories works closely with our client’s development teams to ensure their brand’s identity is not compromised in the process, and we address emerging trends and their application to the brand to reinforce consistency and value.

Our research, formulation and manufacturing capabilities can deliver alternative solutions that could be the answer to your 2019 product of the year. And we can propose directions to take, and use our unique skill sets to cross pollinate hair, skin and makeup products to create innovative products that lead the market.

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