Beauty News | New Laboratories Expands Cosmetic Production Capacity

New Laboratories Australia is about to turn the switch on its new production line as it completes the final stage of installation, providing increased capacity to meet its growing client requirements. This investment ensures New Laboratories will meet the demands from their Asia Pacific clients, including New Laboratories move into the North American market with its range of innovative clean beauty formulations.

Investment in Automation

The new automated production line will increase output by over 9 million units annually, streamline our production team, and is part of a 18 month project by our management and engineers to build quality and capacity to serve our client’s on demand requirements effectively. The new line will reduce production times for clients, as well as delivering a new level of quality.

Engineered Production Solutions

New Laboratories invests in practical production solutions for our clients, and works closely with our client’s development teams to ensure their brand’s identity is not compromised in the process, and we address emerging trends and their application to the brand to reinforce consistency and value.

Our research, formulation and manufacturing capabilities can deliver alternative solutions that could be the answer to your 2019 product of the year. And we can propose directions to take, and use our unique skill sets in  hair, skin, body care, baby care and makeup products to create innovative products that lead the market.

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