Beauty News | The Billion Dollar Natural Skin Care Brand?

“Consumer goods giant Unilever is considering a $1 billion offer for U.S. skin-care brand Drunk Elephant, the Sunday Telegraph reported, without saying where it got the information.” []

With a reported U.S$100 million in sales this possible purchase starts putting into perspective the value of innovative natural and vegan skin care formulations. Niche seems to be booming right now as traditional brands stagnate. Is it time to review your brands direction and formulations, and think about how you can pivot and innovate towards this growing segment?

New Laboratories has both the insights and knowledge to work with brands to harness the value of both the formulation and marketing elements, and work with our clients to build a solid base for their success. For more information email

Our Approach

At New Laboratories, we have over a decade experience from formulation, production and brand development. We understand supply chain verification, the requirements from preservatives to colourants, to create wearable and performance inspired vegan products. With the increasing demand for natural and sustainable skin care formulas, we are your expert partner at every step of the process from formulation through to production.

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