Cosmetic News | Palm Oil Free or RSPO

“In April last year, Iceland supermarkets announced they would be removing palm oil from all their own-brand products citing the devastating effects this oil has on the environment.” [].

The motivation could be the questions related to the RSPO sources of palm oil or the need to be seen taking action on the rising issues in sustainability. Australia’s ABC News reported that “Environmental, social and economic performance between certified and non-certified plantations in Indonesian Borneo were compared by University of Queensland (UQ) researchers, including lead author Courtney Morgans, who commented that “We found no significant evidence to suggest RSPO was better in achieving any of those metrics compared to non-certified plantations.” []

What does this mean for cosmetic brands? RSPO has been the go to choice for ingredients where palm is present, and can serve as a key marketing point to differentiate your brand. On the other hand going palm free has its formulating challenges to achieve the outcomes that both the brand and consumers demand.

New Laboratories can provide both RSPO and palm oil free solutions for brands committed to sustainability. New Laboratories has developed a palm free ingredient sourcing pipeline, and developed palm oil free product development platforms to create commercially and consumer responsive products that meet both the consumer demands, whilst delivering production within budget.

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Our Approach

At New Laboratories, we have over a decade experience from formulation, production and brand development. We understand supply chain verification, the requirements from preservatives to colourants, to create wearable and performance inspired sustainable products. With the increasing demand for natural and sustainable skin care formulas, we are your expert partner at every step of the process from formulation through to production.

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