Cosmetic News | The Challenges of Sustainable Packaging

“All consumer products create environmental impacts throughout their life cycles. Recognising the need to design products and processes that minimise their environmental footprint, companies in the cosmetics industry [need to implement] a broad range of strategies that contribute to improving the sector’s sustainability.”

What commenced as a trend is now becoming a basic requirement for cosmetic brands – to create sustainable packaging programs that appeals to the consumer but also meets the requirements for contract manufacturers of their cosmetics and beauty products. Reducing the reliance on plastics is both an environmental imperative, and managing a more constructive approach to managing packaging end of life, are both issues that the industry faces. You cant recycle the same PET packaging indefinitely as plastic loose their properties, which poses another challenge, not to mention some plastic are contaminated by their contents making them difficult to recycle.

Emerging Packaging Solutions

All is not lost. There are emerging solutions and initiatives such as Loop, a pioneer in chemical recycling technology [], and brands such as REN introducing an bottle of entirely recycled packaging and metal free pumps. []

A Manufacturing Partner with Capabilities

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