How to Protect Your Brand’s Investment

How do you protect your brand’s investment when working with a contract manufacturer?

With brands sold at huge valuations, its simply about clients taking control of their formulation intellectual property to add value to their brand and to take control of the asset. Not every product needs that IP protection, but when its time to move manufacturers the detail in that formulation and method of manufacturing makes the transition much easier, and gives power and ownership to the brand to ensure the continuity in the quality of their much loved products. And what is the real cost for not taking that step to protect your investment? The day you decide to sell and you have no formulation IP to value your brand which may have a financial impact. This could have been resolved with an original formulation that creates value for the future.

Our Approach

New Laboratories works with you to create value in your investment through our formulation skills, and our team has years of experience in both formulation, brand creation, and manufacturing processes that can be invaluable to your brand’s future value and asset protection. For more information email New Laboratories at

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