The Edge in Hair Care Manufacturing

Independent hair care brands seeking a marketing and sales edge to compete with the multinational groups are often restricted in their growth, range offering and customer appeal by the technology and capabilities of their contract manufacturer’s skills, industry insights and understanding.

New Laboratories has many technical hair care solutions, and now offers an advanced bonding/ plex system to protect, strengthen, and repair damaged hair from the effects of coloring. Our research team comprising technical, chemists and hair care professionals has created both salon and retail systems to provide the essential bonding needed, intense conditioning and the moisturizing properties that consumers demand.

The formulations created by New Laboratories combined with our manufacturing systems can incorporate the plex/ bonding system into your shampoos, conditioners, specialty care products and also hair colors. Whether professional in salon use or retail, New Laboratories can work with you to meet your market needs.

Our Approach

At New Laboratories we provide a trend update to our clients to show opportunities and future directions to assist in keeping your brand relevant. Our development and product capabilities offer you multiple choices in textures, shades, and packaging. For more information email New Laboartories at

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