Why Clay Masks are here to Stay

From treating problem skins to hydrating and soothing, Clay has been used for centuries for it’s healing properties, and we’re convinced it will be used for centuries to come.

For those of us that have slathered a thick layer of clay on our face, we understand the indulgent feeling you get when you apply a clay mask – it’s the epitome of self pampering. 

Whilst many see clay masks as the epitome of indulgent relaxation and self pampering, depending on the type of clay and ingredients used, there are many other skincare benefits of clay masks including treating breakouts, fighting dark spots and pigmentation, reducing redness, soothing irritable skin, detoxifying skin and tightening skin. However, when it comes to clay mask ingredients, unfortunately this is where we’ve seen some brands can get it wrong.

Formulating clay masks isn’t as simple as it seems, with a fine balancing of the right clays, minerals, actives ingredients to create the right texture, feel, application and drying time. Many brands make critical errors from using the wrong type of clays, preservatives, and pH adjustments to name the obvious. Different types of clay have different uses and this is often where some brands make mistakes. For example, using bentonite on its own instead of kaolin clay for a hydrating mask or for sensitive skin.

For brands to perfect their clay mask formula, they need to ensure the ingredients they’re using aren’t cancelling each other out. For example, a clay mask that is made for sensitive or dry skin shouldn’t be combined with activated charcoal as it’s too harsh and drying for sensitive skin.  Another formula element in which brands need to perfect in their clay mask formulas is the pH level, as an incorrect pH level can be damaging to the skin. New Laboratories chemists are here to assist you in the development of your clay mask, and consult you on how to take a clay mask and turn it into your HERO product.

From a marketing point of view, the colour of the mask has key psychological impacts such as green for problem skins, and pink for hydrating and soothing. The colour pallet can be as diverse as the branding experience, and New Laboratories is one of the few cosmetic formulation development and manufacturing that has a colour cosmetics division that is skilled in both colour matching and manufacturing using mineral pigments.

The good news is that New Laboratories are very experienced in clay mask formulation and have worked with many brands to perfect their formulas to ensure their products are correctly meeting their objectives. We have in excess of 300 formulations, plus your choice of custom R&D to create unique products that can result is exclusive IP [Intellectual Property] for your brand.

Let’s also not overlook the packaging of clay masks to make the right impact on Instagram. Jars are obvious, however New Laboratories offers choices from bioplastic packaging to sustainable aluminium tubes to reflect your brand’s ethos and positioning; and yes the classic jar.

Clay masks are a great product to include or add to a brand’s line of skincare products because when they are done right they can be the hero product in a range. Plus we need more reasons to indulge ourselves with some self pampering.

At New Laboratories, we can assist you with your Clay Mask development, from formulation through to manufacturing. Our experience in the use of clays, skin care actives, colour and marketing stories in this segment could provide you with the edge in this growing market. For more information email info@newlabs.com.au